Thursday, January 20, 2011


Istoria Books is now open for author submissions. We are an ePublisher looking for good fiction, and we're open to unpublished as well as published authors, agented or unagented. Authors whose print rights have reverted to them and who are looking for an ePress to handle the challenges of selling in the digital book world will find a welcoming home in Istoria. Here's what you need to know:

We only publish fiction - no nonfiction at the present time - in the following categories:
  • literary/upmarket
  • romance (but not erotica)
  • women's fiction
  • inspirational
  • mystery/thriller
  • sci-fi/fantasy
  • young adult

Istoria Books is looking for good stories, well-told. We want stories that give readers a reason to turn the pages, to keep reading. Whether it's because the yarn itself is so compelling, or the characters so fascinating or the writing so transcendent--our readers will come to expect a reading experience that propels them through a book.

We're very open to creativity that isn't bound by normal genre limitations. If your romance is told from the hero's POV, we'll still look at it. If your young adult novel features a college-age protagonist, we'll consider it. If your women's fiction book puts romance way on the back burner, we're open to it. If your inspirational involves a sinning protagonist, we'll still take a look.

Our main questions when looking over submissions will be these: Is it a story I want to keep reading? Is it a story I want to hear this author tell? Good stories, well-told--that's what we're looking for.

Send your queries to: We will accept queries from unagented authors. Authors should only query about completed manuscripts. In the subject line of the email, write: "Query" and the genre your story fits into. In the body of the email tell us the following:
  • category of story (see list above)
  • brief summary of the book (one paragaraph, if possible) including a rough word count
  • your writing credentials, including any that are relevant to the subject of the book
  • contact information

Istoria Books does not pay advances but splits royalties with authors. Istoria Books edits and formats manuscripts for the various digital platforms, and provides cover art, as well as distribution to major book etailers. In addition, Istoria Books provides marketing support.

Check out our website at

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