Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mysteries and Historical Fiction

Now available from Istoria Books, three offerings from Editor-in-Chief Libby Sternberg, an Edgar-nominated author of mystery and women's fiction with eight print-published books to her name. (Note: Istoria Books will soon be open to submissions from all authors!)

Death Is the Cool Night by Libby Sternberg ($1.99 Click here to buy.)
The brooding story of a classical pianist-turned-conductor who cannot remember the night his nemesis was murdered. Did he commit the crime—or did an enchanting soprano do it, a woman with whom he is falling in love? In the fall of 1941, as war creeps ever closer, his freedom and happiness depend on his ability to either identify the murderer or recall his own actions that night. With parallels to well-known operas, Death Is the Cool Night takes readers behind the scenes of a music conservatory and into the heart of some of the most beautiful compositions ever written for voice.

Lost to the World by Libby Sternberg ($2.99 Click here to buy.)
In 1954 Baltimore, Sean Reilly, the detective from Death Is the Cool Night, investigates the murder of a Johns Hopkins researcher, a quiet, well-liked man whose true identity turns out to be just as much a mystery as that of his killer. The victim's death appears linked to the polio vaccine trials about to begin across the country. A widower now, Detective Reilly struggles to stay focused on the case while being pulled in different directions--by his young sons' fears and needs, by his own desire for love and stability, and by his inability to get beyond his grief for his beloved wife. When a Hopkins secretary, herself a polio victim, feeds him information on the case, he begins to fall for he also wonders if she played a part in the murder.

Sloane Hall by Libby Sternberg ($3.99 Click here to buy.)
In 1920s Hollywood, young John Doyle learns the craft of cinematography when a stupid mistake costs him his job. On a tip, he heads to Sloane Hall, the estate of a famous silent screen actress, Pauline Sloane, where he lands a position as chauffeur. Sloane Hall first offers him peace as he enjoys the bounty of the luxurious home, then unrest as its beautiful namesake returns and starts preparing for her first talking picture. Despite his best efforts to resist, John falls hopelessly in love with his employer. His future brightens, however, when she appears to return his affection, leading to plans for a secret wedding—until other awful secrets intrude, leading to heartbreak and separation. A story of obsession and forgiveness, Libby Sternberg’s Sloane Hall was inspired by Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. Originally published in hardcover, this Kindle edition includes a Q and A with the author.

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